Affordable advice management instead of paper flood!

Affordable advice management instead of paper flood!

Council meetings are at the heart of the decision-making process of a municipal administration, where the decisions of the committees are prepared, in which the information must be comprehensible, accessible at all times, and in particular always up-to-date.
For this reason, in recent years, more and more cities and municipalities are thinking about the ways in which the flow of communications and the provision of information to their council members can be easily and effectively ensured at any time.

As ? Very simple – through the use of the web-based coneco information system, which allows you to significantly improve administrative procedures in collaboration with your councilors:

Up to 80% less printing costs
Less time required to handle Council meetings
Comprehensive information provision for municipal and municipal councils
Up to 100% less paper thanks to a convenient archiving of documents
Reduce administrative costs

A variety of features provide great opportunities to exchange data and information, and to access them from any location on any topic at any time.
We at the coneco make you fit for the future. Take our offer and apply for a trial account. They thus make a direct contribution on the road to modern administration.

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